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Technology in the Classroom.
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Today marks the first day of spring classes at the Academy! And we’re kicking off the semester with a special Ask the Readers blog post.

We want to hear from you! What’s your opinion on technology in the classroom?

If you are an educator in a brick and mortar school or even a homeschool, how do you use technology in the classroom? If you are a student, how do you think technology can be used more innovatively?

Do you think there are any drawbacks to introducing laptops or even iPads into the classroom over traditional textbooks? Do you think online classes can effectively replace real life interaction with students and a teacher? Have you ever taken an online class?

Is technology changing the way we learn?

Here at the Academy, we try to balance technology with traditional teaching methods:

  • Students turn in typed essays, but also write by hand during the 20 minute impromptu writing session at the beginning of class.
  • We have begun developing a grammar course with video based lessons. If students are struggling with one of these topics, we can email them a link to the video lesson or show the video in class.
  • We often supplement our lectures with powerpoint presentations and short video clips. (But nothing can beat the good old whiteboard).
  • In-class activities sometimes involve technology. One semester, students learned about persuasive writing by using laptops to record short commercials which they then presented to the entire class.
  • We’ve also developed this website and blog where students can find more resources and inspiration, and where they can keep in touch throughout the week.

Don’t forget to chime in. Add your thoughts in the comments section below.