About Inkwell Scholars

About Inkwell Scholars

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inkwell scholar deskAre you still in middle school, high school, or college, dreaming of one day changing the world?

At Inkwell Scholars we are creating a community for passionate young thinkers, artists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs who are seeking to discover and hone their God-given talents and skills in order to leave this world a better place than the one we now live in.

Inkwell Scholars exists to compile resources that will train you to write well, grow your mind, and learn how to use the Internet to share your ideas and inspire others.

We believe that every minute of our time is valuable and should be invested in our struggle to achieve a better tomorrow. We believe that you should never be content with saying “I did my best,” but rather say, “How can I do this even better?”

What will you create today?

Hi, I’m Nicole, the brain behind Inkwell Scholars.

Why I created this site:

Inkwell ScholarsI founded Inkwell Scholars partly because it’s the website I wish had existed while I was in high school.

You can find countless websites that encourage college graduates and business professionals to follow their dreams, start their own businesses, and do work they love. Often, however, college graduates are unable to follow their dreams because of student loans. They are forced to work a 9 to 5 job and have no time to dedicate to the work they are truly passionate about (for example: writing a book, making a film, recording a song).

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if students in middle school and high school were given the tools necessary to follow their dreams? If they were taught that they didn’t need to abandon their passions in order to make money? If they learned how to use the internet to share with the world what they have created?

That’s the goal of Inkwell Scholars.


inkwell scholars badgeBefore the invention of ballpoint pens, the printing press, or computers, people used small jars called inkwells to hold their ink in a convenient place while writing. A quill pen and an inkwell gave anyone who knew how to write the ability to record their ideas and share them with the world. In honor of those first inkwells, we named our organization Inkwell Scholars. Why scholars? We believe that it is important to learn something new everyday and always try to expand our knowledge. A scholar is someone who enjoys studying and learning about the world and seeks to become a master in his or her field.

Thus, an Inkwell Scholar enjoys learning new things, honing his or her talents, encouraging fellow scholars, teaching others, and sharing with the world what she or he has created.

One reply on “About Inkwell Scholars”

I stumbled across your What Is Money? video while planning a homeschool lesson for my kids, and it was FANTASTIC. I watched a dozen videos and yours was the best one. I was actually teaching them about Rome, and when we got to Diocletian’s inflation, I took a few-days detour because I really wanted them to understand inflation. That’s when I found your other video that not only explained inflation at the level of detail that few other resources do, but also used the Romans as an example. It was PERFECT! I’m only bummed that you don’t have more videos on the subject.

Your site looks like it’s been inactive for a few years. I’d love to know if you’re still generating content, because you seem to have a good sense of what’s worthwhile in education. Anyway, just a word of encouragement from a father of six who was really impressed with my first exposure to your content.

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