What Parents Are Saying About Inkwell Scholars Academy Classes:

[one_half][testimonial company=”parent” author=”Ariana”]
Oliver has been so blessed by your writing class this semester. His writing has improved by leaps and bounds as he now has new tools and techniques to think through his compositions. I never thought he would be this excited about writing, but he has become very enthusiastic. Thank you for your motivation and encouragement.

[one_half_last][testimonial company=”parent” author=”Therese”]
My daughter, Charlotte, took Nicole’s class more than three times, I think, and really enjoyed the classes. Nicole was so thorough when she corrected Charlotte’s essays and always had such helpful suggestions. The class really helped prepareĀ CharlotteĀ for school.

[one_half][testimonial company=”parent” author=”Wynde”]
Nicole is an excellent teacher and captivates the students with her abilities. She is very engaging to the younger writer, and she challenges the older writer.

[testimonial company=”parent” author=”Pat”]
My son has taken this writing class twice and enjoys it tremendously. There has been wonderful improvement in his writing skills and best of all he loves writing in his spare time.

[one_half][testimonial company=”parent” author=”Renee”]
Thank you for a wonderful writing class! I enjoyed seeing my son’s writing grow, and seeing him enjoy writer’s workshop with the other students. God bless you!

[one_half_last][testimonial company=”parent” author=”Cathy”]
My daughters have enjoyed working with you, and they have such a great writing foundation from your instruction. Thank you for all your work and encouragement with them.

What Students Are Saying…

[one_third][testimonial company=”student, age 10″ author=”Adah S.”]
Writing class is amazingly fun. My writing improved, and I enjoyed the way Miss Bianchi read the book Basil of Baker Street in class and let us write a book report.

[one_third][testimonial company=”student, age 13″ author=”Peter B.”]
I love writing class a lot. It is great to have an expert teacher critique my papers!

[one_third_last][testimonial company=”student, age 12″ author=”Isabelle S.”]
This class was awesome! I’m a much better writer now. Thanks!

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