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“My son’s writing has improved by leaps and bounds as he now has new tools and techniques to think through his compositions.” – Ariana D.

Hi, I’m Nicole Bianchi!

Inkwell Scholars began as a writing tutoring business that I started when I was a recent homeschool grad and college student. For over a decade, I taught classes and tutored middle school and high school students from homeschool groups, public schools, and several of the top private schools in New York.

I now work with clients at a digital marketing agency; blog at to an audience of over 6,500 email subscribers; and will soon be publishing my debut novel. As a Christian, I seek to follow in the tradition of artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, dedicating all my work Soli Deo gloria.

Inkwell Scholars is now online and provides writing resources to young writers all around the globe.

Coming Soon!

A novel about friendship and family, the power of imagination, and the joy of playing in the great outdoors.

When 11-year-old Leo goes to visit gloomy Great Aunt Charlotte at her adults only hotel on Eagle Mountain, he’s sure it’s going to be the worst summer ever.

But after he wanders off the grounds and gets lost in the forest, he discovers an eccentric family living in a tumbledown mansion that looks like a castle and who claim to be the descendants of an exiled king.

When the family cannot afford to keep the castle, Leo finds himself in a race against time to help them find a buried treasure.

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Working Title & Book Cover