Inkwell Ninjas: How to Write a Memoir Essay (Complete Lesson Plan)

Inspire your students with a love for writing with this fun and engaging lesson plan!

Recommended ages: 8-11 (grades 3-5)

Are you looking for a complete lesson plan that will take your student’s writing skills to the next level? 

Do you want a method that’s in-depth but also entertaining and won’t bore students to tears?

Are you struggling to get a reluctant student to complete their writing assignments?

Then this guide is for you.

With the How to Write a Memoir Essay lesson plan, you’ll have a step by step guide for teaching this important essay form and unlocking your student’s true writing potential.

This guide is recommended for ages 8-11 (grades 3-5). It is designed for students who are learning how to write short five paragraph essays.

It Worked For These Students, and It Will Work For You

Hi! I’m Nicole Bianchi. Inkwell Scholars began as a writing tutoring business that I started when I was a recent homeschool grad and college student.

I developed this memoir essay lesson plan while teaching writing classes and tutoring elementary school, middle school, and high school students from homeschool groups, public schools, and several of the top private schools in New York. My students all had different personalities and skill sets, and for many of them writing was not their favorite subject.

So I created a lesson plan to get young students excited about writing and give them a strong writing foundation for future academic success.

This lesson plan has been tested in the classroom. Here’s what several parents had to say:


“I am delighted to recommend Nicole Bianchi as a knowledgeable and committed teacher. Thanks to Nicole’s instruction, two of my reluctant writers have come to enjoy writing, feeling more confident and eager to work on their assignments.” – Silveria S.

“There has been wonderful improvement in my son’s writing skills and best of all he loves writing in his spare time.” – Pat M.

“Oliver’s writing has improved by leaps and bounds as he now has new tools and techniques to think through his compositions. I never thought he would be this excited about writing, but he has become very enthusiastic.” – Ariana D.

Why Students Need to Master the Memoir Essay

Autobiographical nonfiction writing is one of the oldest forms of literature.

Augustine’s Confessions, published circa 400 AD, is considered the first Western autobiography ever written. Since then, memoir writing has become an established genre whether you’re writing an op-ed for a newspaper, a blog post for a website, a personal essay for a college application, or a book-length autobiography.

Memoir writing teaches students how to develop their storytelling skills, express their emotions more fully, and evaluate personal experiences for life lessons. It’s a fantastic way to guide students to write more vividly and let their personality shine through on the page. These skills will give them a strong foundation for all different types of academic writing.

But how can you teach the memoir essay to young writers?

How can you teach them how to write powerfully and descriptively in a way that they will understand?

Maybe you don’t feel confident about teaching writing and are wondering if there is an easy step-by-step method you can follow.

The answer is yes.

Take Your Student’s Writing to the Next Level

How to Write a Memoir Essay is a 29-page full color PDF written in a conversational tone. The Inkwell ninjas teach everything you and your student need to know about memoir writing – all you have to do is read along!

You also get a 9-page teacher’s guide PDF that contains a clear and simple step-by-step explanation on how to use the lesson plan along with black and white copies of the memoir essay outline, checklist, and grading rubric that you can print out for your students.

Here’s What’s Included in the Student’s and Teacher’s Guides:

  • The differences between fiction and nonfiction writing (and how to write each one!)
  • A sample memoir essay by famous American writer John Greenleaf Whittier so students can read and evaluate excellent writing
  • A complete lesson on storytelling that teaches students how to write a powerful and inspiring story with a strong beginning, middle, and end
  • A complete lesson on sensory words, similes, and metaphors that will help students transform their writing from dull and flat to engaging and entertaining
  • A memoir essay outline to teach students the 5-paragraph essay format and how to organize their thoughts before they start writing
  • A grading rubric and checklist to guide students on how to edit and correct their work after completing a first draft
  • A “Memoir Essay Ninja” badge to motivate students to complete their assignment

 Imagine if Your Student Fell in Love With Writing

Your student looks forward to working on their assignments and enjoys writing in their spare time.

Best of all, their writing skills dramatically improve because they have the tools they need and a strong writing foundation.

If you’ve had enough of pleading with your student to complete writing assignments and worrying over how to help them improve their skills, and you’re ready for a different way to do it, then this is it!

This is the solution you’ve been looking for that will help you take your student’s writing to the next level.

Here’s what to do next:

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    “Nicole is an excellent teacher and captivates the students with her abilities.

    She is very engaging to the younger writer, and she challenges the older writer.” – Wynde S.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What age is this lesson plan for?

    This lesson plan is best suited for a student who is able to write a short 5-paragraph essay. Usually, this is the age range from 8-11, but some students are more advanced and some are still beginners. You can adapt the lesson plan to the skill set of your student.

    Is this lesson plan for classrooms? Or for 1-on-1 tutoring or a homeschool?

    It can be used in classrooms as well as for 1-on-1 tutoring or in a homeschool setting. The student guide is written directly to individual students. Teachers can print a copy for each of their students. I have used the lesson plan in group writing classes as well as for individual tutoring.

    Can I use this lesson plan with other writing courses, like the Institute for Excellence in Writing?

    Yes, this lesson plan can be adapted to use with other writing courses. I have used it with students who were also taking IEW and added “dress ups” to their papers.

    How long will it take to work through the lesson plan?

    My students usually take about two weeks to outline their paper, write a first draft, and then write a final draft. However, every student is different, and you can go at the pace that is best for you. You can also use this memoir essay assignment multiple times throughout the school year.

    What if I'm not happy with the lesson plan?

    I would never want you or your student to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and don’t believe you’ve learned how to teach the memoir essay, contact me in the first 3 days after purchasing and I’ll give you a full refund.