How to Write a Thesis Statement

Special video episode from the Writing Ninjas!

Pop quiz. What’s the most important part of an essay? Answer: The thesis statement. What’s one of the most difficult parts of an essay to write? Answer: The thesis statement.

Well, not anymore. In today’s episode of the new Writing Ninjas video series, I’m sharing a very special how-to formula that will have you writing powerful thesis statements in no time.

What exactly is a thesis statement and why is it so important? The thesis statement acts as the cornerstone of your essay. As the last sentence of your introduction, it summarizes for your readers the main argument of your paper. It’s a roadmap, showing your readers exactly where your paper will take them. It also helps you clarify your thoughts on the topic of your paper and strengthen your outline.

Check out the episode below.

How To Write A Strong Thesis Statement

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